The GoodRx – FocusScript Cash Compound Pharmacy Program 

As the first compound pharmacy cash discount card program in the U.S. directing patients and clinicians to credentialed pharmacies, the GoodRx – FocusScript Cash Compound Pharmacy Program provides consumers access to pricing information and discounts on specific therapeutic classes of compounded medications.


FocusScript’s proprietary program, CDF-Logic, offers a customizable formulary of covered compound formulations. In this program FocusScript works closely with PBMs and payors to implement cost effective access to customized compound formulas through FocusScript credentialed pharmacies.

The FocusScript Pharmacy Compliance Program 

The FocusScript Pharmacy Compliance Program applies real time compliance and fraud, waste, and abuse monitoring coupled with pharmacy performance scorecards, one-on-one pharmacy consultations, and educational seminars to assure ongoing compliance with contractual, regulatory, and clinical requirements.

ARL and FocusScript Customer Discount Program

The ARL and FocusScript Customer Discount Program offers a $500 discount on FocusScript Pharmacy Network memberships to clients of ARL Bio Pharma. As a part of this program, FocusScript pharmacies can also earn customer discounts on ARL services, including potency determination, microbial identification and more.