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Instilling confidence through stringent quality and best practice requirements

FocusScript Plan Sponsors participate in small, complex pharmacy markets with confidence, knowing that if they choose to provide a benefit, it will be diligently managed. Pharmacies in the FocusScript network are accredited and credentialed in a model exclusively created in partnership with the NABP. FWA oversight and prevention are provided through this model, with the help of proprietary FocusScript technologies and Thomson Reuters FWA prevention tools. Cost controls are consistently applied by compounding industry experts to ensure affordable medications for consumers with equitable reimbursements for both pharmacies and Plan Sponsors.

FocusScript Network offers:

Preferred network of compounding pharmacies

  • Geographic and therapeutic coverage
  • Currently no pharmacy¬†enrollment maximum

Fair compensation and cost management

  • Reconciliation management and claims transmission assistance

Certification you can trust

  • Highest quality and best practices

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