FocusScript is proud to congratulate our Director of Network Contracting and Compliance, Alyssa Billingsley, on being awarded the St. Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award by the St. Louis College of Pharmacy Alumni Association. Alyssa’s exemplary work as Director of Network Contracting and Compliance for FocusScript garnered her this well-deserved recognition.

Alyssa received her Doctorate degree in pharmacy from St. Louis College of Pharmacy prior to joining FocusScript. In November of 2017, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy honored her as a distinguished alumni with their award for Outstanding Achievement. Alyssa’s work with FocusScript includes managing a network of compounding pharmacies, credentialing and accreditation programs, compliance programs, product development and clinical consulting. Her impressive achievements in her field have led to her making a positive impact on her profession and patient care on a large scale, setting her apart from the competition.

Alyssa put her education and talents to work developing the United Credentialing and Accreditation Program (UCAP) in collaboration with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. The UCAP is a proprietary compound pharmacy accreditation program that works to restore provider credibility and ensure patient access to necessary medications, and has already accredited over 100 pharmacies nationwide. This impressive achievement is just one example among many of Alyssa’s dedication, industry expertise and professional capabilities.

Regarding her award, Alyssa said, “I credit the incredibly talented group of people that I work with every day that enable and support me in achieving things that are worthy of recognition.”

Alyssa has been with FocusScript since our inception in 2014 and has played an integral role in our success. We are honored to have an accomplished and admirable woman like Alyssa serving as a key member of our team.