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The following general brand guidelines have been established to ensure that your pharmacy is able to clearly and appropriately convey the FocusScript brand.

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The FocusScript should be used in full color whenever possible in print.

FocusScript Full Color

FocusScript Full Color

Download Vector PDF

FocusScript Black Logo

FocusScript Black Logo

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FocusScript White Logo

FocusScript White Logo

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FocusScript Logo with Tagline

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Clear Space:

The FocusScript logo requires a minimum amount of clear space in order to maintain the integrity of the brand and ensure legibility. In all applications, the logo should be surrounded with a space equal to the height of the brand mark in the FocusScript logo.

FocusScript Margins


Logo Misusage:

Avoid the following manipulations to the logo.

FocusScript Drop Shadow

Do not add a drop shadow

FocusScript Gradient

Do not add a gradient

FocusScript Stroke

Do not add a stroke

FocusScript Wrong Color

Do not use unapproved colors

FocusScript Rotate

Do not rotate the logo

FocusScript Stretched

Do not distort the logo



These brand colors should be used for print and web related materials.

Gray #929497

R: 146
G: 148
B: 151

C: 45
M: 36
Y: 35
K: 2

Orange #FAA519

R: 250
G: 165
B: 25

C: 0
M: 40
Y: 100
K: 0